Back from Florida! Tons of pics ~ Gators, Crocs and more oh my!


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
Cleveland, Tennessee
Since there is so many darn pictures I dont want to post all of them here. So instead of doing that here is a link of where I uploaded them to my deviantart page.

I think there is 40+ photos I uploaded today. Most of which are of crocs, gators, and other animals. Please enjoy ! And feel free to comment
where did you go in Florida?Must have been near naples cause that's the only place with croc's. I soooo want to see one but have to settle on all the alligators here in polk County FL.

Hope you had fun.....

FYI.....i learned on animal planet the the croc is the only predator for a human.

oh i see.....zoo lol Great pic's

but croc's are in the wild near Naples...scary
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One of our best getaway vacations was to Marco Island. From there we went to Sanibel, then up to Orlando.. it was a great week away from the desert.
I like the shot of the dino bird ? lol I cant think of the name of them off the top of my head but I know what they are and they can disembowle you with a kick of there foot and they use that thing on there head to help get through thru thick vegitaion and to head butt. All and all not something you would normally want to meet face to face without a nice tall fence
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XD and to think I was climbing on top of the fence to get a good photo. If I had fell over I would have been in for a world of hurt I bet! lol

Edit: Might I add I was in high heels to make matters worse! lol
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