Back from Gatlinburg Tennessee

Cottage Rose

12 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Mid west Michigan
We had a great time and LOVED the Smokey Mountains!
Hope to go back someday when we have more time.
I had some very spiritual moments while in the
national park woods by some mountain streams.
It's a mystical place.
Like holy ground.

So much to do and see around there.
I found Gatlinburg very resorty with tons of stuff to do.
Its sort of like a mini Las Vegas of the south
with dinner shows, music and magic performances
and Dolly Pardon's amusement park, which we didn't have time to go see since we mostly
toured around the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.
We went to the highest peak in Tenn. - "Clingman's Dome" (6700 ft.) and toured miles and miles of
treacherous mountain lanes and visited quaint mountain valley towns like Townsend and Wears Valley.
Cades Cove was BE-U-tiful!

Our cabin was most delightful and so homey.
It was like you were in somebody's home.
We saw 3 black bears!
One right along a mountain lane we were driving on and we stopped to click off a pic but it turned out blurry.
Saw a bear cub in a tree calling loudly for its mom and another young bear walked past our cabin one morning.

We ate at Bubba Gumps Shrimp
and had some of the most heavenly tasting
pancakes (flapjacks) I have ever eaten at Flapjacks Pancake Cabin restaurant and I'm not a pancake fan.
We also ate at an English style pub that served authentic English food and beer.
Can you believe we never made it to a southern BBQ place when we were there?!
Maybe next time.

We did the art community loop (all local artisans)
in Gatlinburg.
I bought a whimsical black bear print,
stained glass angel night light
and a concrete angel scene plaque for the garden fence.
I bought some books on the local mountain culture,
the original Foxfire book and a couples account of walking the Appalachian Trail.
Going to make some some great winter reading.
Oh and some blank greeting cards with winter photos taken in the Nat.l Park
I'm going to use for Christmas cards.

Came home to cold and rainy weather. UGH!
Got the wood stove going now.
We had a hard frost while we were gone
which killed off alot of my flowers and my gorgeous Dahlias.
Wind and rain knocked down about 50% of my sunflowers. Buu-huuu!
Oh dear...winter is on the way.

Link to some photos I took.
Many were a bit over exposed and bear pic blurry.
Of course my auto mode setting doesn't capture the grandeur of the mountain scenes.
I need to get a new camera.
I've been there several times over the years and love the flowing streams.
I've been wondering where you were! The pictures you took are just awesome and have me sitting here in envy. Not a bad envy, mind you, but the "I'm so happy you had a good time! I wish I could have gone..." sort of envy.

Welcome back. Sorry about the rain. Things will be better in spring
A favorite of ours ~ we are about 4 hours away and go there as much as we can.

We use to stay in cabins, but now we get a room in town by the river within walking distance of most everything. Then we take the long drives through the mountains ... beautiful place.
Hey Georgia...another lucky person living so close
to the National Park!
I tell ya one thing though...boy...driving around those parts is straight're either going up, down or around a sharp curve.

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