Back in the Chicken Bidness!

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    Well, we're back in the chicken bidness. Two weeks ago we got 24 BSL started pullets from Shook Poultry over in Claremont, NC. They're now 17 weeks old and probably another 8 weeks from laying. All 24 seem to be very healthy and have vigorous appetites. Just hope they start laying soon to start paying for themselves. I'd not realized that the Southern States Layer pellet feed had gone up so much in the past few months. It's $14.00 for a 50lb bag now. I'm going to try to hold my egg prices to $3.00/dz but I may have to kick it up to $3.50. I know my co-workers will pay that and more but I'm not out to do that. It's more of a hobby and I enjoy their comments and compliments about the eggs. And sometimes there's even a fist fight or two outside my office door when I only have a couple of dozen and three people want them... The best ones are when the ladies from Q/A come up at the same time and I don't have enough to cover their demands. Not pretty... Fun to watch, but not pretty...

    Oh, and we added the 24 BSL's to 5 guineas we were given as 8 week old keats back in July. They are some funny birds. The pullets have already started to dominate them and I'm hoping the guineas turn the table on them and kick their butts in return.
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