Back in the roost AGAIN

Hi Everyone,
I am here in Sunny Florida and we use to have almost a acre of property and had it all. I had a huge garden and we had chickens and ducks with goats and one rescued pig named LuLu. Then the Hurricanes of 2004 hit and after that Hurricane Wilma came in 2005 and put our property under water for weeks and we ended up being evacuated since we stayed until the very end and ended up putting the animals inside the house to try and save them. The chickens didn't make it. We had to go back in later with haz mat suits and pick up the bodies so we decided not to mess around with chickens and other farm animals for a long time after that since it just broke our hearts.
Speed forward to now - we moved into a smaller place and my wonderful hubby decided to show me some baby chicks. Silly man; he just cannot say no to me so we go home with baby chicks for me and baby ducks for him. My baby chicks are sexed so all are good egg layers with a mix of bantam and pullet.
We also have rescued dogs and one of them is a long haired dachshund who is, no lie, a Diva. And she has, from Day One, stuck her long nose into the baby chicks business. And wouldn't you know it, last night, she either caught or scared my yellow Bantam one called Beauty off her roost outside and chased her into a wire plant stand and traumatized her.
So I brought Beauty inside with her own little cage with water and food close by but she keeps her left leg our straight. There are no obvious wounds and when I feel along the bones then I don't feel any deformities and don't see any discoloring or swelling. She is alert and she lets me hold her. I just don't know what else to do? I am open to any suggestions. Thank you.
I wonder if Doxie grabbed at her and dislocated her leg, that would be why it is held out. Doxies, Chihuahuas, and Yorkies are some of the breeds that cause the most destruction among chicks, ducklings etc. We get many new members that report that behavior - either killing them or badly mauling them. I agree dogs (cats too) should always be separated from chickens. You never hear of a chicken killing a dog. That would be news.

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