Back to incubating after a decade away!


13 Years
May 29, 2009
Baudette MN
Well, years ago I lived out in the country, and had a 250 egg incubator that I kept hoppin. Then I moved into town and have gotten away from any birds. My brother lives on the farm, and has a big flock of mixed heavies. I finally talked him into getting an incubator, but he does not want to run it, so I have it here. I fired it up tonight, and have 3 dozen fresh fertile eggs here waiting to go in tomorrow night! I am gonna hatch out a batch of mixed chicks first, just to get back in the swing, then we want to get a bunch of black copper marans eggs. Of course, there may be a batch of jumbo quail in there too.
He bought the hova-bator, with fan, and turner with both sets of racks, so I will be in business! Wish me luck!
Have fun!!

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