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    May 1, 2016
    We currently have 6 chickens in the coop 4 RIR and 2 Easter Eggers and 3 babies still in the brooder. They will all be free range with access to table scraps and an urban backyard (with free range dogs, cats, and rabbits) and access to rough sand (not play sand). They are currently 7.5 weeks old and thriving! They are finally truly exploring the backyard rather than just inching from the coop and are relishing in the foraging. It is already such a wonderful experience. We are currently feeding them a "fancy" (the bag says fancy) blend of various seeds and grains from the farm store that I originally bought for Fodder purposes.

    Currently our brooder babies are still on chick feed and under the light primarily, except for cuddles. Our 7.5 week olds free range from 8 am to sundown and we feed them the "fancy" feed from our hands several times, but admittedly we are not measuring it out. They are growing like weeds and seem to be so happy. We also give them A LOT of fresh green table scraps rather than sending them to compost.

    Is fodder only a supplement for those whom are not free range?

    Should they still be on chick starter feed until they lay?

    We are hoping to be cost friendly and savvy, but of course want healthy happy chickens; what can we anticipate for a good whole balanced diet? I know shells are important for calcium and we will have all hens by the time they are laying (anticipating a stabilized flock size of 6 as we are fairly certain 3 are roosters).

    What are frugal solutions to adequate chicken feeding?

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