Backyard Chicken Class at Local Farm Museum

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by ChiTownJavas, Mar 12, 2017.

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    Feb 15, 2017
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    Sorry, wasn't sure where to post this so to the random ramblings area! The local farm museum is hosting a course on raising backyard chickens [​IMG]
    If you know anyone in the Chicagoland/Northern Illinois area that was interested in chickens and didn't know where to start they can try here! It's at Garfield Farm Museum on the 19th at 1pm. They raise Javas (which I know a number of people on the site have gotten from the farm) and have a couple at the class.

    Here's a link for your Facebook users out there

    Otherwise, thanks for reading the post and enjoy your day.

    Have a picture of a couple o' ladies gossiping around the water cooler

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    Dec 12, 2013
    I'm a long way from Chicago, but you might try posting about this on the IL state thread. Good of you to share!

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