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    Now that it's legal to have Chickens in Beaverton I am offering classes again. A two hour class to help you get started right if you plan on having your own happy flock of laying hens. Its a casual class with lots of wonderful information such as:

    • How to choose the right breeds
    • Raise baby chicks
    • What feed to use
    • Building an easy care coop
    • What does a coop need to have a healthy flock?
    • Basic anatomy and care
    • Socialization
    • How to keep your hens secure from predators
    • And more!

    Questions are encouraged. It's also a good class for those who already started on their backyard chicken journey who may still have questions. You may even win a prize :)

    When: Thursday, Feb. 16th at 6-8 PM
    Where: Ludeman's Farm and Garden
    12675 SW Canyon Road
    Beaverton, OR 97005
    Cost: $10

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