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    I am truly a "Backyard Chicken Farmer". I have almost two acres but live in a subdivision where everyone has manicured lawns. Mine is somewhat manicured as well but I also have chickens that frequently are allowed to free range throughout the yard. Yesterday I had a former neighbor, who now lives out of state, stop by to visit. This guy grew up on a farm and still owns farm land that combined with other family ground is being farmed today by one of his brothers. Another brother of his has a farm as well, with chickens. So when he came by yesterday he asked to see the coop and chickens that he has heard so much about from others. We stepped out onto the patio and I pointed out the coop in a back corner of the yard. I told him that the chickens were all out running around somewhere. He said that he saw one run into the bushes when he pulled up. I told him I would call them so I gave a quick whistle while we stood there talking. No one came immediately and I said that I was a little surprised because they usually come right away. But before I could whistle again they all came running around the corner tripping and falling over each other trying to get to me. My friend started laughing and said he would not have believed it had he not seen it himself. He also could not believe that they just stayed in the yard and did not run off.

    I was surprised at his amazement. I did not grow up on a farm or around the business of agriculture. In addition to my own experiences I have read here about others and their similar experience with their chickens behaviors.
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    I bet he had chickens for meat, I'm sure you don't form a "relationship" with them. My girls are just like yours, they each know their name and come when called, so cute. Funny how each one is different, just like people. You learn alot about human nature by owning chickens, at least I do. I figured I would like having chickens, but I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I do, they have made my life better and god knows I have made them a nice little home, can you say I'm so spoiled I don't even know it, oh I mean I expect it, maybe even demand it and if I don't get it, I will make you feel so guilty, that I will get it! does that sound like you? wrapped around a little chicken toe. Enjoy
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    Fun to teach an old farmer something new. Say, how do you have a chicken learn its name? Do you say it over and over as you give only that bird a treat? And repeat over many days?
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    That's too cute! [​IMG]
    My chickens all know their names....Beepbeeb, Julia
    Buddy know's his name! ( One of my button quail ).

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