Backyard Chickens and Lawn Care aka The Clover is Taking Over

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    Here is my situation. I have 4 hens who have daily free reign of my fenced in backyard. I don't care about the lawn in the backyard. Its far too large and used daily (4 chickens, 3 dogs, an army of squirrels). The front lawn connects to the back lawn on one side, on the other its separated by a driveway.

    I DO somewhat care about the lawn in the front yard. The front lawn used to be decent, then we got the chickens and I stopped putting down chemicals and treatments. The front lawn is no longer decent. I would say its 60% clover, 20% something, and 20% grass. I don't mind various weeds intermixed with the grass, but the grass has been beaten out by the clover.

    I'm positive the PH and all the nutrients are long gone from the lawn.

    What can I try to safely combat the clover and other aggressive weeds and encourage grass growth?

    So far I've read on the interwebs:

    - Covering it in topsoil, and then seeding in the fall and spring.
    - Nitrogen fertilizer
    - Sugar
    - Vinegar
    - Boiling Water

    The last three are, umm yeah.

    I also found this: Green Guardian claims to use all organic and edible ingredients. I've read its limited in effectiveness and very expensive.

    Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated. Have a good one.

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