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    Nov 5, 2009
    I was considering adding flax seed to increase Omega 3 Fatty Acid in my eggs and found this study.... very interesting! I have decreased my treats to less than 10% because of what I read here on this site, but this study reiterates it.
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    I had Dr. Miles as an instructor in college! Cool!

    I guess for the overall physical health of an animal, constant feed of the same nutritional value is important. If you consistently added flax seed, wouldn't that be okay? As long as it was always there and became a part of their permanent diet?

    They have done studies on monkeys and rodents that say the same thing. They stay healthier longer, live longer and stay mentally functional longer. Less free radicals.

    ... but I also want them to have some quality of life, not just quantity.
    Okay, I will admit that I am selfish. I enjoy giving them treats. They are also my pets, and I have to get something more than eggs out of it.
    But it does pose an interesting question of what really is best for your pet chicken.

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