Backyard Chickens? Vernon Connecticut?


Jul 24, 2016
So, as far as I know, a bunch of towns near me just got updated chicken laws which now allow hens on residential property. However, I'd like to know if Vernon also permits chickens now? I've heard a few yes's and a few no's so... I'm really unsure of where we stand. I've checked my town's zoning PDF file they have on my town's website but I have no idea how to interpret the information given.

Is anybody in Vernon that knows if the laws have changed for sure?

The last thing I can do is call my town and ask but... I'd rather come here first as I don't really want to bother them haha.
I am from Monroe, Connecticut. Sorry that it's been a week with no replies :/ hope you see this.

In our town, we don't know if there's any laws. We looked all over, called 3 times with a different person asking and saying not sure, asked here, got nothing.

We built the coop, have the chickens in the coop. It's been a week of them being in the coop.

We had a cop chase 2 wild dogs out of our yard while we were not home a couple days ago, and they left a note on the front door saying they had to go into our yard.

Did the cop notice the coop? Not sure. The chickens were in the run.

Did he care? Most likely not.

The point is, no one really knows. A cop isn't gonna know off the top of his head if chickens are allowed in your town or not. No ones gonna bust down your door and try to take your chickens away.

Call the town and ask. If no one answers, use that as your reasoning for not knowing if there are laws in effect. We assume our town has no laws, (we literally have neighbors down the road with 3 acres of land who have several roosters that we here, no one complains) no one has answered. To be quite frank, I doubt Connecticut even cares about such. As long as you ask your neighbors if they're fine with it (and you don't plan on getting a rooster) you should be fine. Good luck. :D
I am from Monroe, Connecticut. Sorry that it's been a week with no replies :/ hope you see this. (cont...)
Thank you for replying! I figured it would take a while to see any responses seeing as there aren't many people that I know living in Connecticut that have chickens.

My problem comes from my neighbor. I live in a very suburban setting. I have neighbors directly to the sides of me and in back of me with a privacy fence blocking half our yard. The area that I would like to keep my chickens is also view-able from the street so I just worry that somebody will see them and call the police which will then take them away. There isn't really any other spot to put them. I just want to make absolutely sure that they're legal so that it doesn't give any of my neighbors the ability to have them taken away.

I'll probably end up calling the town once I have all my plans figured out.

Thanks again though! I sincerely appreciate it.
Make sure your neighbors are fine with it first. I would assume you'd be free ranging them based on neighbor concerns, so putting up a fence would probably help. Good luck!

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