backyard chickens


6 Years
Sep 26, 2013
i live in unicorprated will county, we can have chickens does anyone know if there is a fee to have them. from what i seen you have them as long as its 25 feet from the house. Please fill me in guys in new to the forum

There will be an ordinance or law written in the county ordinances, if there is any restriction on having chickens. If you live in a subdivision that has a HOA or its equivalent, there will be a written covenant or restriction, if any.

Refer to your county's ordinances to see if there are any such restrictions. Usually, these are available on line. Look in zoning laws, animal control, and such.

It is generally a bad idea to rely upon the word of someone, even a county employee, as to the exact nature of any ordinance. If any restriction is said to exist, get yourself a copy and read it. The written text will specify what animals are restricted, how they are restricted, any permits needed, or fees involved.

After you have done this, you will be informed and can take the appropriate action. For instance, there is no restriction here on chickens. Chickens are not addressed in the law. So I have chickens.


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