Bacteria in egg incubator?

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    Feb 29, 2016
    Anyone who knows the bacteria type/name in egg incubators?

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    I sure do not know all the bacteria names that can get in them----after I clean mine with a bleach mix---it must clean most of them out because I have great hatches. Some even use peroxide.
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    May 2, 2015
    Im really not sure what you are asking.

    If you are asking what type of bacteria you would expect to find then I would estimate probably 50 to 100 hundred different types. If you touched the eggs with out washing your hands that pretty much guarantees salmonella and a whole bunch of others.

    Not all bacteria is bad and as a human you are a walking Petri dish covered in bacteria. The soil around your home the chickens walked in in full of bacteria. The eggs are probably covered in it.

    The bad ones are e-coli, salmonella, etc. As bacteria are classed by family types even a positive result for these may not be as bad as you think. Out of over 2500 types of salmonella less than a dozen will give you food poisoning.

    So whats in the incubator that has had dirty eggs and finger prints placed in a humid warm environment that's a bacteria paradise. Probably nothing that couldn't be killed with a weak solution of bleach or another type of sanitizer. One of the saving grace is the lack of food in a incubator should keep most bacteria in a low number count but if for example a egg was to explode then the abundance of food would have them multiplying like crazy and probably releasing enough gas to make the incubator stink.

    I use a aviary clean in my incubator that's bird safe and meant to kill 99.9% of everything. I try to avoid bleach as it can be aggressive to aluminum and fans that I have used inside the incubator but in a pinch I would happily use diluted bleach just being more careful where I spray it.
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