Bactrim antibiotics dosage help


7 Years
Dec 2, 2015
Upstate NY
I have been treating a hen for a respiratory infection. First I was crushing a little less than half a 800mg pill , mixing with oil and dropping it into her mouth. She was doing great so I stopped giving it to her. Now it has come back with a vengeance. I realized I can give her small pieces of the pill without crushing them so I did. But now I think I might be overdosing her. She has diarrhea. Does anyone have experience with bactrim and dosage for a chicken?
I believe some people give 1/4 of an 800mg tablet twice daily for 5 days. Crush it into a tiny bit of food or yogurt and give it orally. What are the symptoms, and is there a bad odor?
She has no symptoms other than some panting and sneezing. She was terrible yesterday, sneezing and wheezing like crazy. Gasping for air when I messed with her. Much better today with antibiotics in her, but now she has diarrhea. I am treating her with bactrim and have acv, colloidal silver and oregano in her water. She has been this way for about 10 days now, good and bad days.

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