Bad Bad Birdie. Buffalo!!!

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    Dec 19, 2010
    We have a large fowl Buff-Blue Orpington, aptly named Buffalo. (The breeder calls Buff-Blue Buff-a-Lue so I thought it was super cute to call him Buffalo)

    Anyways, this bird is the most insane mean bird I have ever had in my LIFE.

    He goes full on "Velociraptor" mode, where he crouches down, fans out his neck feathers, and CHARGES!!!!!!! Flogging like a mad bird.

    To top things off he is super mean to the hens. He mates 1 girl too much, and doesnt touch the others but rarely. She is saddle burned so bad from him. THEN Today I witnessed him attack her...Raven ran screaming "Chachuuuuuuuuuu chacha cha chuuuuuuuuu" It was horrible, I ran in between, and had to save her.

    He then started shaking his head back and forth violently.

    This behavior has escalated over the past 2 weeks, and this was the first time I witnessed him attacking a girl, in the coop there are white feathers from Scout, our lavender girl, that I thought was strange. My hubby told me he witnessed him mating her, and that it was violent and she lost a lot of feathers.

    Sorry to say, that this birds days are numbered. I am not sure what else to do.
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    Feb 26, 2015
    Stew pot for that one:/

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