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    Jun 30, 2010
    I have 2 broodies , one is due today and the other in a week. They both started with 4 eggs each and thanks to other hens insisting on laying eggs in their boxes, they each had an egg crushed early on. Today was hatch day for the first one and I got up to find a fully formed dead chick in the yard still wet, I think they broke another egg and dragged the chick out possibly thinking it was a mouse. This left two eggs, I put loose chicken wire in front of her box to keep others out and the other two had already started to zip. Momma hen decided to leave and panicked to get out , crushing a chick in the process, leaving only one hatching egg. She has abandoned her nest and so I put the egg under my other broody and intend to take it if it hatches so she will hopefully hatch out her remaining three eggs. My sister is also hatching today and is going to give me a chick so it will not be alone. I just needed to get that out , thank you to whoever reads this. [​IMG]

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    Maybe your other girl will have a much better hatch.

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