Bad Bad mama duck!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Chickenaddict, May 29, 2010.

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    May 19, 2008
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    I have a chocolate call duck hen and a snowy drake. The pair are super bonded and lost without each other. Betty the hen had gone broody and baxter the drake had gone crazy flying all over the neighborhood. I got bax another hen (daughter of theirs whom I sold to a friend) That was great for awhile. Betty hatched out 6 ducklings on 5-22 later that day she decided to go outside and take a dip in the pool leaving her poor little ones all alone. They would try to follow her but she'd grab em by the neck and thrash them around not really wanting anything to do with them. This is her first clutch and I am sure she has no clue as to what the heck she is doing obviously. The babies did end up leaving the nest and wandered all over the yard with NO protection from mama, they would follow chickens thinking they were mama. I gave the other hen back to my friend thinking that may have been the reason for betty neglecting her babies. Nope wasn't the case. To this day she is mama at night but during the day the ducklings free range alone while mom and pop wonder all over the yard. Betty comes and goes as she pleases, she has gotten a little better with them and no longer thrashes them around by their necks but still doesn't tote them around wherever she goes. Is this normal? This is my first time hatching ducklings here so I am new to this just like she is. The babies are not picked on by the chickens, in fact the chickens look out for them so thats no problem. Guess I thought they were like chicks and needed to be under mom for awhile to stay warm. I guess I thought wrong... ANyone else experienced a situation like this? Do I dare let her hatch again in the future?
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    If my momma ducks grabbed her babies by the neck, i'd prolly do that same to her! i have never had this happen.. With any breed of duck...i would let her sit again, but as soon as the eggs hatch tkae the babies away! The real thing is the best incubator you will ever have !

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