bad beak, any hope? pic


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Jul 31, 2009
This top hat chick is only a few weeks old and its beak keeps getting worse. I tried using tape to correct it (read it on here in another post) but it did not seem to improve. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. We are very attached to this little one as it has the best disposition!

I never eat anything I name plus my 12yo daughter would never forgive me, but thanks for that input
No, not eat the chick...can the chick eat with it's beak like that? Or how do you feed it?

It is really cute...I would not eat anything I raise either.
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sorry - I have had a real long day and had a dozen or so people tell me to eat it, not sure if they had any idea on how small a chick is but I had enough - should put on my glasses so I can read
Yes it seems to eat and is growing, I have to clean the bottom part out as the mash seems to get clumped up in it - I have a vet taking a look at pics of it to see if she may be able to help. Figures it is the best chick out of the bunch this spring, friendly and curious.
Here is a pic of one of my favourites. He eats and drinks but he breaths with his bill open. He also swims under water no proble. I do always love the special ones more and i think they know it so the fight to stay with us. Good Luck with your little one.

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