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    Jun 10, 2010
    Hi. I Have An Ee Rooster He,s 3 Months Old.also Have 3 Pulletts.2 Weeks Ago He Mounted My Bo Pullett.lately, He Has Been Pecking Her Hard At The Back Of Her Head.he Does't Bother The Other 3.aside From That He,S Pretty Good.very Tame With Me.also Crows In The Am.[i Can't Have Roosters, Where I Live.] Thought I Would Wait For Someone To Complain.i've Grown Very Attached To Him.i'm Perplex As What To Do With Him. Cant' Stand The Thought Of Someone Eating Or Mistreating Him. Any Ideas? Thanks
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    I sell my extra roos for a min charge ( $5) - - - this helps ensure that they will not be eaten immediately.

    I advertise or Craigslist or go to the local BYC chicken swaps.

    You can also post it here on BYC for LOCAL Pick-up only.

    Some people insist that they deliver the chicken to the future home to ensure that it is going to a good place and not a soup pot, etc.
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