Bad Day for the Sunnyside Rainbow Hens 😓


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Jul 10, 2020
My Coop
My Coop
On Wednesday a severe storm ripped through our little Wisconsin town leaving chaos in it's wake. It had rained for hours when suddenly I heard hail hitting my bedroom window and my two dogs started getting frantic. Suddenly our power was out. I ran out to the porch in my bare feet and was met with a grey curtain of rain. 75mph winds ripped our hundred year old maple tree to shreds. A large branch landed on my coop, blocking the door while another large branch landed in my beautiful vegetable garden, destroying my rare, heirloom pepper plants. Branches and debris flew everywhere. Down the street a huge oak fell, blocking the road and narrowly missing the neighbors motorcycle that was parked in the street. I could hear trees cracking and falling in the distance all around me.

Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Radar said another cell was going to hit within the hour. I ran to my coop to rescue my sweet hens. They were soaked to the bone. I climbed under the huge branch that covered my coop only to find the door pinned closed. I scrambled to find my sawzall and free my girls. A sweet, concerned neighbor stopped by to help. I passed her the girls one by one and we stuffed them in a carrier. Working quickly I set up a kennel in the basement for them for the night. Got them settled in just in time as it began to rain again.

Thankfully the second cell was not as brutal, though it did add a few more large branches to the yard. We lit candles and waited out the storm. Thursday was spent cleaning up. I am grateful to still have my home, and my chickens and for my amazing friends and neighbors that came to help.










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