Mt. Baker Quail

9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
Ferndale, Washington
Today one coturnix chick died and one of the freedom rangers died, and yesterday one of my coturnix hens died.

And to top that all off each time I try to hatch some coturnix I get only a 20-30% hatch. Any ideas to improve my hatches?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
In front of the computer
What are you incubating in?
How have you checked that the temperature and humidity settings are correct?
How often did you turn them?
What are you feeding your birds.
Is you Mr roo providing your hens a candle light dinner cough cough ... you know what I mean?

Somebody gave me a great website link to incubating quails. with a table with the problem and what could have caused it. Hopefully someone will post it.

There are also other methods like weighing the egg before you incubate and then aiming for a certain weight loss due to moisture content
and setting by the moon.
Hatching eggs upright.

From my previous two hatches I have learned that temperature and egg turning affected my hatches.
Also I have been dry hatching due to the fact that my area is pretty humid.

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