Bad dog attack....any chances?


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Aug 26, 2011
I have a cochin cross pullet who was attacked by a dog today. She is missing all of the feathers AND skin from her back, top of her wings, and neck (on the top side) I can see her spine (though is not exposed) I thought about putting her down immediately, but she was still very alert. She does not have any muscle injury that I can see and there was very little blood. So, I rinsed her off in the sink and then doused her with an antibiotic spray (blue lotion for use on dogs and horses, I hae used it on chickens in the past with no probems) I then put ointment all over her and stuck gauze squares all over her exposed skin. She is in a crate in quiet barn. When I was doctoring her, she did try to run away. Amazing to watch a bird I could almost put in the pot to cook run away.

Does she have any chance of recovering with such extensive injuries? I will not post photos, it is pretty gruesome, but to reiterate all feathers and most of the skin missing over the back and wings and neck.

This happened about 3 hours ago. I will go back and check on her here in a couple of hours and see if I can some electrolyte solution down her if she is still sternal and alert. I was just wondering if anyone has had chickens this badly injured recover. I have had some pretty bad injuries (owl digging in right down to the bone, gangrene and subsequent loss of a leg, etc) but nothing this extensive.

I am really torn to see if she can make it or put her down, because it will be a long road for her if she can pull through.
I've read on this forum of lots of chickens recovering after an attack. The only thing that I would do different is... can you put her inside so the flies don't bother her and lay eggs on her wound? That would be a real problem to get rid of the maggots. Good luck and hope she recovers.
Agreed, maggots would be a lethal problem quickly. There is a product for horses (Scat??) that people have put on chickens to keep flies off, if you just can't put her in the house. Really for something this serious, the house would be best. A second bathroom works well.

Really, I think it will depend on whether she can / will eat and drink. The elctrolyte solution is a very good idea as she will lose fluids through those wounds. I wish you both well.
X2! Give her a chance. It doesn't sound like she is suffering. I've seen some pretty incredible recoveries from raccoon attacks. Beware of the maggots like chickflick said. . . Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
I also have seen on here about really vicious and gruesome attacks and the chicken survived. If she is alert I would keep her indoors in a quiet place. If you have or can get Poly-Vi-Sol vitamins use that in the water. Also scrambled eggs for protein. Please keep us informed as to how she is doing. Oh 1 more thing. You can use Neosporin on the wounds. But without the pain stuff in it. I am just repeating what I have read on here. Hopefully someone with more experience chimes in and helps you. Sending you
If she has no open wounds, is eating and alert, and is not in shock I would give her a week and see what progress she makes. If she does not improve daily I would thnk about putting her down. It sound as though she is doing okay depsite the injuries. Just give her time perhaps
Wow, thanks for all the replies already!!!! I will bring her up in the house. It isn't too big of an issue to do that so that, we have a huge house and I can hide her somewhere dark and quiet. I have small kids so I just need to keep her someplace they can't find her! I will try and get a photo of her now that most of her wounds are covered. It does look ugly though. I can wash her in warm water if she is up here too.
the horse stuff is swat. i use the pink over the clear because it stays on better. my mom had this happen to a full grown goose and we kept it cleaned and swatted up everday for a while. you would never even know he was attacked becvause he even grew feathers back. good luck
Yes I have horses so I have SWAT in both clear and "original", however, I think I will just keep her downstairs in a spare room in a kennel for awhile so I don't have to worry about that aspect. SWAT doesn't really have much germicidal properties, it just keeps the bugs off.

I just went down and gave this girl several syringes full of water and placed a little finger full of chick starter in her mouth (I have some chicks right now) and changed out the towel she was on (it was the one I wrapped her in when I washed her earlier) and she is still very alert. If she is OK tomorrow, I think she will make it as long as no complications arise. I expect her to be a big more dumpy because she will be sore. I will give her some more syringes of water and a try and get some feed down her in the AM and change her dressings tomorrow evening, fingers crossed we get that far!

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