Bad Dog! no, Bad Dog Owner! in Tolland, Connecticut

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    As I was chatting with the phlebotomist yesterday (planning a return to college; if you don't know where your childhood immunization record is, they can test to make sure you're immune to some of the 'bugs' college kids might have) I mentioned having chickens at home. She said she'd just read an article about a Siberian Husky that's supposed to be put down for killing a neighbor's chickens --more than once! It brought back the Anger [​IMG] and sick feeling [​IMG] of that night six months ago. I was half tempted to photocopy, enlarge, and plaster the article on the house down the street, where the people who own the husky who killed my girls live. But considering that I never did fully pursue it with the Animal control officer, I let my cool head prevail, and kept my mean&nasty thoughts and fantasies to myself.
    Tolland is about a half-hour from me, and I don't know the people involved. I couldn't help wondering if the chicken owner is "one of us", i.e., a BYC member. But prob'ly not, or I would've heard about it here, before the article in the Courant. What I found amusing--and I use the term loosely--is when they said the owner "...never complied with the order that an enclosure be built by June 18, saying Luna would "go berserk" if he confined her." Well, Hello?!! Did you not consider the implications of her going berserk? Of course not! [​IMG] I had to reduce my chickens area of confinement, as I'm sure others here have, to protect our chickies. But to outright refuse to control the dog... just boggles the mind!
    At least the owner of the chickens is being reasonable, doesn't necessarily want the dog destroyed, just, I guess, not terrorizing the flock any more.

    Of course there is an online version of the article I read, and a follow-up story today:,0,6614281.story
    if you want to take a look.

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    hmmmmm.... never tip toe over the feeling of irresponsible pet owners... the only way they learn (if they learn at all) is by losing their animals.....
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    It is too bad that dog owners are not fined more often.Would be a good income for the city!!!The loss of money seems to speak more to dog owners than the death of a neighbors animals.

    On a side note for immunizations you can opt out with a waiver if you choose to decline any.That is what I did for college,because I refused any vaccines following a hepB vax injury in my teens.Best wishes in your schooling!
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    Just plain sad. Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to have kids or animals.

    Good luck with your schooling! I'm heading to UConn next yr to finish up my 8 year bachelor's degree wootwoot! [​IMG]

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