Bad Eggs?

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    We got a mixed bunch of 8 hen chicks in May of last year, and they're all laying quite regular now. We have no roosters. Problem is, we're seeing spots in eggs every day. These are anything from a small blood-looking spot to larger clumps. If we crack 5 eggs, we are typically tossing at least one because of this. We feed the chickens a couple of handfulls of Homestead Feed Non-GMO Scratch with a handful of meal worms in the morning when we let them out, and Tucker Milling Non-GMO Layer Feed all day. We keep fresh water on hand every day, and keep their coop clean.

    What is causing this? We thought by now they'd grow out of any strange pullet egg problems. This has been going on since they began laying back in August.
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    Can you post a picture of the eggs? My guess would be that you're seeing blood or meat spots. Not harmful, just kind of gross looking. I just use a spoon and scoop them out. The rest of the egg is fine. You don't see these in your store-bought eggs because they are candled and the "imperfect" ones don't make it to the store.
  3. :welcome I dont know what the problem would be. :idunno Oh, by the way, meal worms dont really have a health benefit and it costs a lot of money!
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    Not true.
    Meal worms are a great source of animal protein......
    ....and very high in protein so should be given sparingly (which will also save money because they are expensive.

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