bad eye please help!!!! updated pics


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Oct 5, 2010
i had just recently bought 4 more blue slates off a guy he was gettin rid of for decent price , oonce i had got them all home i relized one of the hens eye is shut closed and look to me to be almost yellow puss filled closed shut or something im kinda new to turkey raising and would like some info asap if anyone as any idea before it infects or kills my tom and other hens it is in with
thank you (NEW PICTURES)



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i will try to go out and take a picture of the hen if posible
thanks again for any info any one can give me on what i should do with this hen

the hen is about 2 years old
First thing to do is isolate her from the other 3, or have you already put them in together with your flock? If you have take the 4 new ones out asap. I would put the one with the bad eye in one pen and the other 3 in a different pen.

A pic would really help. You are going to need to check the eye (somebody to hold the bird while you do would be a big help) to see if it was pecked or if it's sick. If it's stuck closed some warm water will help loosen it so you can get it open. There is a list of sinus / resp. issues they can get a mile long, some are very serious some not. The only way to know for sure is to have a vet check it. while you are checking the eye look for any swelling around the face, bubbles or foam from the eyes, listen to it breathing. it's going to be breathing heavy since you are holding it but you are listening for wheezing, gurgling in the throat and lung area. Hold it's beak right to your ear and listen, for the lungs put your ear on it's back - the lungs are high in the body cavity and that is the best place to hear them. let us know what you find.

the hen with the messed up eye was with the 2 other hens and the tom when i bought them all in the same pen and thats how they still are now at my house , i have 2 other slates i already had pervious to buying these ones and at first i put them all together for the rest of that day but they were all fighting pretty bad so i seperated my 2 orginals from the 4 new ones
anyone with any more info would be greatly apprectiated thanks i still not sure what to do
i cheked it out yesterday up close when i isolated her from the others ,the yellow crust in the eye is pretty thick i tried soaking it warm water with a rag for a lil while and it did not seem to want to wipe off or loosen it up seemed kinda thick and hard ,
I don't know much about turkey's but this could use a bump. I've patched up an animal or two though. How is her breathing? Any other runny or bubbling things? I would continue to soak it until that crust works it's way off. It might take a while. Really, a vet should look at it. If it is an injury that is infected they can perscribe something that will quickly clear things up. I'm not sure if there is anything safe for the eye over the counter...

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