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    Well I am hoping to get some feedback on a silkie male I bought 6 weeks ago. I also bought 3 females with him. The females that was sent with him had none of these problems. I was told they had always lived together..Pretty sure that's not the case, the girls also showed signs of scaly mites after a couple of weeks. He came to me covered with lice and what I'm sure is scaly mites. I have never had either one of these issue's. I contacted the breeder and was told that a 4 year olds legs would look like that...because he's older! I have seen scaly mites before on some finches a friend had bought,I helped her treat them for 10 days with nothing but mineral oil.they was coated everyday. There legs cleared and that was it. I am treating this male,but with silkie feet this seems to be a losing battle. This poor bird looks like he has a underlying infection going on. The breeder has made no attempt to fix this mess or replace these birds..Not only that but the male has never even bred any of the females..OMG do I need help.Here is some pics of this poor birds feet[​IMG]
    [​IMG] this was her reply (Large scales can be from age and the fact he is a big boy... The older Silkies get scales like that. ) any help would be greatly thanked. Oh and by the way these birds are nowhere near my flock
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    Yes that is scaly leg mite. I dip legs (even with feathers on the feet) in a cup of mineral oil (veg oil will work too) every day for 2 weeks. Treat coop with permethrin dust or spray, toss bedding and nesting material. My thoughts on the feathers getting oily is that it is more important to worry about getting rid of the mites.

    The 2 week treatment is necessary due to the life cycle of the mites. It can attack the comb as well, so you can put some oil there also. I would also do a dusting of the chickens with poultry dust (permethrin), dusting the vent area and under the wings (everywhere but the face) and be sure to repeat at 7 days for mites and 14 days for lice to break the life cycle. (Treat the coop and toss bedding with each treatment.)

    If the scales do not seem to improve over the 2 week period, you may have to wait until they molt for the feet to look good again. You can take a brush and after soaking the feet to soften the scales (some use Epsom salts I have read), try brushing off gently some of the old scales. But the oil will smother the mites.
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