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    so I have a friend that has been having a problem with a dog attacking her flock... she is not good with helping them pull threw so she brought them to me... in total she ended up bringing 15+ injured birds with massive injurys.. dislocated legs massive gaping wounds.. I am happy to say all survived... but...

    she brought me a duck with 2 small puncture holes on its back end right by his legs... it looked like a dog or something picked it up or caught it by its butt and the canine teeth punctured the holes...

    he would not use his legs the first week or so and with a little help he started using them.. but the problem now is he won't open his feet... he can move and bend the joints but won't open his feet to use to support himself... I'm thinking to make something to put on the bottom to force them out to see if that helps but I wanted some advice
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    I'll go ahead and say your friend must do something about the security of the flock. Right now. Predators come back till they kill everyone.

    Glad you are willing to try to help them.

    Could be a spinal injury - or pinched nerve - those are serious, but sometimes, with enough time and proper care, can be overcome.

    I would recommend time in a lukewarm tub of water to take the weight off - also - keep the wounds clean, I would put some antibiotic cream (not ointment - cream lets more air in) on after a mild saline rinse for a few days and watch carefully, as there could be systemic infection from the puncture wounds. Clip the feathers to about half to quarter inch long around the wounds so they can be observed easily.

    Keep the duck in a clean environment, safe, where it can rest and be somewhat confined. An unbreakable mirror or other ducks for company would be best.

    Actually a good duck vet would be best.

    Anyway I would give it a few more days before trying to splint the feet...You might try some T-Relief ointment on the legs and feet, see if that accelerates healing, and Epsom salt compresses on the legs as well. Don't let ducks' ingest Epsom salt - it is a laxative.

    I would look around and decide on an oral or injectable antibiotic in case infection gets ahead of you.

    And I would give poultry vitamins in the drinking water twice a week. I would put a quarter teaspoon turmeric per cup of food, moistened, as turmeric has mild anti inflammatory properties. And it stains, so be careful.
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