Bad foot on a Rooster

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    Feb 24, 2013
    Ok, new here and looking for info. My son was given 4 birds that have the fluffy heads one happens to be a rooster.

    In my flock now I have 4 roosters that get along good, we introduced this one slowly over a week and a half time frame. He has been living with the flock for 2 months and all of the sudden they teamed up and almost killed him. We rehabbed him back but his foot is still in bad shape. we have had him in the house for about three weeks now.

    One toe is broke but he has an infection setting in I think. I put cortazone cream on it and it was getting better then it seemed to stop and turn color.

    My son is upset and I don't now what to do other then find a vet that will look at him or put him down.

    any idea or help is welcomed

    Also Im thinking of getting rid of the other Rooster if anyone is looking for any.


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