Bad frostbite on chickens foot! Help please!

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    Jan 2, 2014
    Frosty the rooster has been living inside for the past couple of days. He has lost all 3 toes on the left foot. He smells like rotting flesh and his foot continues to rot away. We helped him along with the 3 toe that were about to fall of and wrapped his foot in veterinary bandage (The kind you would find in the horse isle in fleet farm) He doesn't seem to be in pain but he can't walk. He can get to his food and water with some effort. I am afraid if I just leave it alone the rotting flesh with continue to rot up the leg until it reaches his body and painfully kills him.

    I would like to be able to cut it off above the rotting part but I'm afraid that it would hurt him. I have been doing some research and am wondering if anyone knows how to deliver anesthesia to a chicken for an amputation. Can I do this?

    I could also tightly rubber band his leg above the rot and try to get it to fall off and then just cut the bone. Is this a better idea?

    Or is the best option to put him down?
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    Unfortunately with frostbite their is nothing much you can do. Your best bet would be to take him to a vet however he will always only be able to walk on one foot and that is never good for a chicken. I f I were you I would put him down humanely. I think it would be best for you. I am very sorry this has happened to you. [​IMG]
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