Bad girls got caught running around, Animal Police stopped by today..

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    Bad little girls!!! My free range chickens have been CAUGHT!

    We live on the "wrong" side of the tracks - [​IMG] We are unrestricted. My parents live across the tracks.. newly built subdivisions and such. Now restricted. My family has been here for 6 generations.

    I never thought in a million years that my girls would try to cross the railroad tracks to get to Grandma & Grandpa's house.. but they did!!! Hello Ladies! CSX goes 55 mph with an awful lot of weight pulling those coal cars. So, unfortunately we'll have to fence in a run to keep my baby girls safe. I suspect they have heard my parents over there .. thinking "oh, the treat people!" They know voices... and my folks always bring them over some great leftovers!!

    So, the lady that lives across from my parents called the County Animal Control. The officer stopped today when I got home from work. Asked me "Do you have chickens?" (in the background there's a COCKADOODLEDOOOOOOO!) So, I say "Why no, do you hear a chicken?" - so we both laughed. He was nice but had to give me a notice to make sure my chickens don't go back in her yard. She likes to report lots of things to whoever she can think to report them to. So, we're thinking of moving the chicken run... and the loudest roo we have to her side of our yard [​IMG] - because, after all... we are not restricted on OUR side of the tracks. We're grandfathered in... been a farm for 200 years.

    Keep in mind folks... this is the same lady that wanted the neighbor to "pooper scoop" after their cows. She may want to move back to the city? All the other neighbors are sad. They like to call my chickens into their yards and feed them treats, apples and some even buy scratch for them. But... we must be more careful. I can't imagine losing any of them on those railroad tracks!!!

    They can only come out to play now when we're home. No more going through the creek and over the tracks... to Grandmothers house they go!!!
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    Good job... loudest roo right next to her bedroom window..... [​IMG]
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    The mental picture I have in my head of those chickens packing up "to go to grandma's house"! lol like little kids, packing up and crossing the tracks to get to grandma [​IMG]
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    sounds like that lady does not need to be anywere around livestock, some people are crazy like that.

    yep gotta keep em in and keep em safe
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    Quote:or maybe fence some pigs in Im sure she would like the smell
  6. evonne

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    we have a pig farm out here.. and now i only live about 1 mile from it.. it's been here longer than i have.. which is well over 20 yrs now... i've always known it was here... could smell it 10 miles away at my mom's house growing up...
    the city developed around him and people tried to push him out... saying it smelled at their pretty new houses....
    well hello... research before you buy...
    if there's no smell right now, on a cool spring mid day... probly should check it out around sundown and then again around morning.. lol...
    now in the pigs defense, it's not the pigs that smell, it's their food... specifically the vats of leftover milk products they truck in from the casino buffets.. lol....

    can i put in a vote for moving the rooster??
    want some peacock eggs in the spring?? within a year or so they'll make a lovely racket from april through the end of june while they court their ladies... lol.....

    good luck.... maybe you can make little harnesses for the chickens and you can take them for walks right past her house every day.. lol...
    they're not in her yard.. the sidewalk is comunity property....
  7. catdaddyfro

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    Reminds me of my friend in NW Ark. He lived out in the country where they raise chickens (broilers anybody ever heard of Tyson) lots of them and cow hay. Well you can just guess what they use to fertilize all that hay. Yes its strong smelling stuff too, esp. straight out of the broiler houses. And I mean tons of it also.

    They also dump all the thousands of egg shells and unhatched eggs from the broiler hatcheries on those fields too. You can just use your imagination on that one.

    Anyway he had a new neighbor moved in beside him once. After he was there for a short time, well it was chicken house cleaning time. So they spread all that nice smelling stuff all over the creation out there and here came the new neighbor asking "What can we do about them spreading all that >[email protected]#%&*T< everywhere and what can we do about the smell?"
    Well my friend simply suggested MOVE BACK TO TOWN!!

    P.S. You need too borrow my roo FOGHORN for your little ol'neighbor lady believe me he earns his name.
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  8. aimeeinwv

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    great stories! yeah, our Roo has no sense of time. it's 6:30 am here... he's a crowing away. he'll be crowing now until about dark... he usually starts earlier. We keep them in the hen house now until at least 9 so that the older neighbors can get some sleep before he gets out and starts. We do try to be responsible chicken owners. I just can't help but laugh over them trying to get my grandma & grandpa's! So scary though them being on the tracks. It's a busy coal line! I'll have to get some fencing today for when I am at work I suppose.
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    You should get 3 or 4 Guineas to pen up close to her! [​IMG]
  10. emit

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    What part of WV do you live in? If I could vote it would be to put in as pig pen along with the rooster! [​IMG]

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