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Mar 14, 2018
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incubator .jpg upload_2018-3-14_11-9-28.png View attachment 1296710 hi i made a home made incubator made out off old wine cooler.i based it off a sportsman incubator fan, heat , and water on top shelf. i have a double wall in the back .the air i believe is coming from the false back and into the fan that then passed along the heat element and across the water supply. i place the thermometer on the tray were the eggs should hatch ( don't know if that's the correct place to put the thermometer) .

i been having horrible hatch rate, i candle the eggs at 7 days and 15 days all are fertile and growing , on day 18 i remove from incubator and place on hatcher , i set eggs on the 22 of Feb and on day 18 witch was March 12 i set them on the hatcher, same temp i only increased humidity, its now day 14 and only got 7 eggs to hatch and i place 22 eggs in the hatcher .

could it be that my thermomether is not showing correct temp.


any help thank you . i have the following items on the incubator
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That's quite possible. You can calibrate it against a medical grade one (digital or mercury etc) and then just compensate for an difference in temperature when reading yours.

Here's an article:

If none of the others have pipped you can candle them to see what's going on. A live chick will still fill up the egg under the air cell. I've found a dead chick sinks towards the narrow end of the egg, looks very black and there will be a watery layer between it and the air cell. Just try to keep the egg in the same position it's lying in so you don't confuse the chick.
What humidity are you trying to achieve thru incubation?

The thermo is at the correct spot. As stated check against a known to be accurate thermometer.

Did the ones that hatched hatch on time, early or late?

If hatched on time guessing it' probably humidity issue.
thank you JaegG i will check thermomether for correct reading . i will candle the other eggs , thank you .

feedman77 trying to get humidity to around 60% +- a few, the chicks hatched a day late and some are still trying to come out of the shell i will give them another day and candle the eggs. thank you .

I forgot to take 4 eggs marked the day the same day those we still in the incubator. could it be them the temp is not correct or humidity , im running the incubator at 37.5 c and 60% humidity .
Humidity is very area specific. If I tried to incubate at 60 I would have a lot of late death and drowned chicks.

I found keeping my humidity between 20 to 30 percent during incubation then raise to 70 plus for lockdown and hatch. Gave me my best hatch rates.

A day late on hatch maybe a degree or 2 low. But within a day is pretty good.

Good luck with one' still trying to hatch

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