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    Apr 25, 2011
    I started by ordering and receiving 25 BCM eggs, shipped via USPS. I knew the risks of shipped eggs and that BCM's are difficult anyway. Well out of that batch I ended up with 3 healthy cute chicks. I gave the other eggs a chance and waited 3 extra days. During this process I found out I could not candle the dark BCM eggs... so I went with it anyway. After all this nI decided to due an eggtopsy... out of the 22 that did not hatch, 2 I lost the first 2 days from leaking and stinking up the place. so that left 20 that never hatched, of those only 4 had development of chicks to any degree. I broke the ones that did not develope into a bowl, there was no "O ring" as I have seen in fertilized eggs. Nor was there any sign of any developement at all. SO should I assume that those 16 were not fertile? Just trying to figure out why I had such a bad hatch rate. I have the 1588 incubator, egg turner and kept the humidity between 35-40% until the 18th day, then bumped it up to 60-70%... temps stayed constant between 99.5-100. Any input to help me get better results is appreciated. Pretty bummed about the 4 that didn't make it that had developed quite a bit.
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    I hade shipped eggs and only three were fertile and only two made it to lockdown
    And there were no o rings in mine the lady I got them from(eBay) said she only has two hens laying and her fertility stopes so I would say they were no fertile to begin with.
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    Shipping can make the eggs appear infertile if I remember right. The jarring can disrupt the germinal disc. I don't think I'll make a 50% rate on the hatch I have going...maybe 30-40% if I'm lucky.

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