Bad infections, coccidiosis, blackhead disease & broken leg!

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    LOVE THIS SITE!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    They are 250mg each. You can empty the capsule into a pill bottle & use 25 parts of something like
    goats milk or pedialite. Such as a feeding sryinge use 25ml of liquid per 250mg of the amoxiclillin so you
    get 10mg of meds per 1ml of liquid. OR you can use a smaller sryinge for smaller amounts of liquid.
    Once you've mixed it, it must be refrigerated.
    10mg every 12 hours per pound of body weight OR 3 capsules per gallon of water for 10 days!

    EVERYONE should check out this site. There are meds on there that can be used for
    cats dogs & chickens etc. The amoxicillin is pharmacy grade. Its labeled for fish aquarium use
    BUT IT IS Pharmacy grade, same stuff!!! I have purchased two bottles so far & one bottle of

    Blackhead disease:::::::::
    Fish-Zole for black head disease < (FishZole 250mg use 3 crushed tablets per gallon for 5-7 days for
    blackheads disease). All of you please spread the word. I have saved my dogs life, my turkey
    & many chickens in the last two months of unfortunate illnesses & infections!!

    Use syringe measuremetn ML. Use 9.5ml per gal of water daily for 7-10 days.

    Some other stuff of interest:::

    Wazine 17 > 1 fl oz per gal of water. ONE DOSE! IT kills adult worms but not eggs.
    Second dose 2 weeks later I used ........
    BB size amount in the mouth for average size hen. You could use a popcicle stick or something smaller & wipe it
    at mack of mouth (tongue).

    Broken leg::::::

    Bend open at a comfortable position. Not too closed Not too open. This is good for a break that is below the knee.
    The velcro end will be at the toes of the chicken. I bent the flat metal part rounded so it would cross over the leg rounded. I use needle nose pliers to
    bend it rounded. The part you bend open, leave the sides bent so its shaped like a U. The U shaped part will be above the knee (at back of leg cradeling it)
    unless the chicken has long legs. I used it on a silkie hen so she had short legs. I put her in a panty hose leg to stable her & lay her in a wedge between
    two pillows on her back. Someone was at her head holding on each side of her. Made sure the bone was straight. Put velcro on & bent over the
    metal to curve at the front of the leg. Made sure again the bone was straight just before using 1/2inch soft badage tape in clear spots that weren't
    covered by velcro or metal. Do not wrap tape tightly or use too much tape. Wrap slightly snug & straight. Keep chicken in a confined area such as a medium
    carrier with food & water close by so she doesn't have to move very much. Splint must stay on for exactly 4 weeks. At 2.5 weeks you can allow him or her
    to walk a bit outide of confinement. Once you remove the splint, check bone gently to see if there's any movement. Chicken will walk a little funny for
    5 days due to slight atrophy & used to wearing a splint.
    My white silkie hen, Prissy, broke her leg last July & I was devistated. I found this splint & it worked perfectly. Her leg healed completely straight without a problem.

    Here she is in the splint getting to walk a round for a bit away from the birds. I kept her at my bedside for 4 weeks thats how much I love her!

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