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Mar 1, 2008
Is this some sort of known problem??? I have one doing that right now that I hatched out 4 days ago... I tried to spradle leg treatment and no luck. I have to keep it seperated from the other chicks because they pick on it, so I only let one or two chicks run around with it while I am watching. Also, I can't leave water in there, so I give it water by hand several times a day... Has anyone had one outgrow this, or at least learn to live with it??


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are you giving chick vitamins?
is the chick able to eat and drink?

this condition is called Perosis, or Slipped tendon
usually caused by vitamin deficiency..especially B vitamins

if you don't have chick vitamins on hand, until you can get some...
you can use Poly-vi-sol children's vitamins liquid vitamins..1-2 drops once a day for a week..

(McMurray Hatchery has them..but most farm/feed stores have them).

best to continue to keep the chick separate (with a docile buddy)with food and water close by so it doesn't have to compete.
make sure chick is eating and drinking well.

the problem I'm aware of with MM chicks was AE..not slipped tendon.

here is a link to info about Slipped Tendon with pic.

click here
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any vitamin deficiency will need to be addressed however the slipped tendon itself will not "go back" into place from the vitamins...some have tried popping it back into place and then bandaging (in addition to supplementation) however the success rate for this is almost nihil particularly when you have waited.... there is a surgical procedure (fairly simple but is an avian procedure and even all avian vets are not familiar with it from what I have seen) .... sorry but most of the posts I have come across with this condition without the surgery have not had much success in correcting it.


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My newest little chick was just diagnosed with perosis but is doing extremely well with the legs hobbled together with a band-aid. I had to hand feed and water her the first couple days but now she eats on her own...though she prefers to be hand fed
I have been told by my vet to give her poly-vi-sol for at least 2 weeks and then once a month for a couple days as a long term treatment. There is no way to correct the leg, only make the other one strong enough to help her get around. I talked to a vet today in Portland OR who amputated the leg of a hen with perosis and she is doing wonderful with only one leg. The other chickens even accept her. I'm seriously considering that option since we love this little girl so much.

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