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Oct 21, 2017
Someone through an object at one of my hens and has done something to her leg. she is limping holding out her right leg. her toes are clasped, justly dangling and her leg is a bit to the side. she hops around but is panting- and isn't that hot.
i check for breaks but i don't know...
could it be dislocated? will a vet help?
she can lift it up but won't put her foot down. Could she have a small thorn in there? Could it be broken just above the foot> HOW CAN I TELL?!
Got a picture? You said someone threw something at her? What? Did it hit her? If so where?
Check under her foot if there is any thorn or abrasions. She could have landed wrong & injured her foot when she was startled. If you try to extend her leg, does she retract it?

She may just need to be kept quiet & rest for a bit. If you can take her to a Vet, that would be good or you can wait for more BYC Members to peep their thoughts....
Yes. my flock were together in the yard and my *brother* threw a pair of shoes at them. i was at a distance but noticed one fly into the air though she was hit. they moved off and when i went over to them, she was sitting down with her leg out.
when she hops she swings it to out slightly. she can lower it but wont rest on it or walk.
the vet is not open till monday :barnie.
could i give her aspirin-what type.
Thank you
We were told she is lanarkshire (or RIR)/new hampshire. she is normal chicken size.
I am not actually sure where she was hit. she is putting her foot down more, but she may just be exhausted.
I am VERY, VERY angry with that person
Sounds like she just needs to rest. I looked up my notes, you can give her baby aspirin for pain, dissolve it in some water & get her to drink. But if she seems like she's "recovering", just keep her quiet & let her rest, see how things are in the morning.
we have a ramp that leads up into their house and soon after the accident she was able to flap/run up it. hopefully she wont try to perch
It sounds like your hen has a broken leg. You need to examine it closely, looking for green and grey bruising to locate the site of the break. Hopefully it will be a simple fracture and the bone won't be protruding from the skin, compound fracture which would require a vet. Then your job will be to splint it to stabilize it so it can heal, which can take two or three weeks.

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