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    Okay, so here's how it goes, we buy some birds... My youngest niece enjoys eating "Nana's BackYard Eggs" (I loveingly call them chicken abortions) We get one chick, she's beautiful and healthy, and I get on here and I brag about my little 1/4 Cornish 3/4 Silkie hen...
    About a year after the quartered chicken is born, we get two new beautiful chicks.... within days, I'm on here telling the story of how one nearly froze to death, but made it. A few weeks after that, I'm on here proving I can be a major moron when I had one roo getting picked on, and couldn't understand why he didn't want to leave the other birds... He ends up raising the two chicks indoors for a month.

    I turn them back out in the chicken pen, where I knew bad things would happen.The roo would spend all his time in a corner. Low and behold the chicks he adopted decided they would do the same. A week of them hiding where we couldn't reach, and the mini coop was completely built. They would be the start of a secondary flock. The day we went to introduce the three to their new home DISASTER STRUCK AGAIN

    we found the female chick, wing folded in an impossible angle, stuck in the chicken wire. Dangling by her wing, because she was determined to cram herself into a corner with her big buddy roo.

    It took three people carefully working together to quickly free her wing. We assumed it would be broken, but no. Once freed, she wobbled around for several hours on numb legs that hadn't touched solid ground in far too many hours. But by the time the sun went down, she was as good as new.

    We have two mini flocks, the primary consists of two beautiful feather leg Silkie roos, two cornish/silkie cross hens, and a hen that looks mezmerizing with a black body and blonde highlights on her neck. Our secondary flock now deemed the 'bad-luck birds' consists of one bullied roo I wasn't ready to give up on, one male chick who had to be thawed, one female chick who had to be cut out of a fence, and I gotta say, I like them three the best.

    These three bad-luck birds were blessed with the worst luck and the best luck any bird could have. they find themselves in crappy situations, but also pull through. As my family always says, "If they were normal, they wouldn't fit in here at all"

    I love my f****** Chickens, and I love the website that helps me get through the bad days.
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    Great stories...they really do sound like bad luck birds!!! How did you get her wing out??? thats so sad!

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