Bad news for the Chicken Zoo...........

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    When we bought this house back in 96, we were told it was AR zoned for animals..... So i collected all my animals I loved and have had fun doing so until today. We had a new neighbor move in from the city, who's idea of country living is no noise. She came over the day she moved in to complain about our dogs barking at night, and she couldn't sleep with the windows open.... Now she's complained again on the Federal level and the zoning board says that I am not zoned AR like stated, but AR-1 which means I can only have a few animals on this property, very few...... and theirs some creek somewhere they are worried about poo draining into or something... So now I have until Feb 18th to move all my critters somewhere else. [​IMG] So my friend who has 5 acres zoned AG is going to let me put them at her place until I can sell this house...... The inspector said out of all my neighbors only 2 complained and only the one would sign the report, I know who they are.... hope they get theirs in the end...

    So now I have to dismantle everything and figure out how to move all this. [​IMG]
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    How awful!!!

    So sorry it came down to this [​IMG]
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    Jun 18, 2009
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    Quote:X 2!!!!!!!!!!
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    That's terrible!! So sorry to hear that!! [​IMG]
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    Revenge is a dish best served cold. I hope the people that buy your house wind up being hoarders with 19 children who never shut up.
  6. Michele_Lynd

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    Apr 6, 2009
    [​IMG] X2 I just can't stand people that have to do this kind of stuff
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    that is awful!! what our sophe and any indoor animals?? that stinks! I agree with debiraymond- what goes around comes around
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    That stinks! I hope that wherever you end up ends up being so wonderful that you end up grateful that this happened (that was a lot of 'ends'!)!

    I am blessed with neighbors who are on one side tolerant, on the other side trying to avoid the eyes of the law, and behind hoarding peacocks in the suburbs, so I can get away with virtually everything. That being said, I try not to abuse it! [​IMG]
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    Oh so sorry this is happening. Sending you a hug from California [​IMG]
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    oh no [​IMG] glad you have some body that can keep them for you.
    sending hoodoo curse to crabby neighbor, [​IMG]

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