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    Hey everyone, I'm getting some chicks this summer two orpingtons and another duckling which I do every other year, the problem is my dad dosent like how they're in the house or the garage so he is telling me to put them in our backyard deck. The good news is that there is a cable out there where I can plug in the heat lamp and it will also be early June by the time I get them. But the bad news is I never kept chicks fully outside before, I'm aware of predators but I do have a guard dog that's pretty good at keeping pests away. So what do you guys recommend, and lastly if you've guys done this before please tell me how you did it and maybe post some pics if you have any; thanks!
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    Brooding outdoors is not a problem as long as you are able to provide the right conditions for healthy birds (protection from drafts, allowing sufficient ventilation, protection from elements) and security to protect them. You have time to build a nice, secure brooding enclosure -- plenty of options there from a raised structure on legs (think similar to a rabbit hutch) or a box that would sit on the ground/deck/what-have-you. Is the deck covered and/or enclosed? This will factor into what sort of structure would best suit your needs. Keep in mind, also, that the same guard dog that keeps predators away can easily become a predator himself - so if the area the brooder will be in is accessible to the dog you need to factor that into the security of what you construct. Even a dog who has never shown any inclination whatsoever in going after a bird can succumb to temptation and a moment of that is all it takes.
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