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Jul 21, 2009
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Hi. I added 6 hens to my flock today. They had pretty rough looking bare spots on their backs, from being picked on at their previous location. These chickens were given to me by a friend who is getting too many eggs. I just checked them, and my chickens seem to really be picking on them. Their backs are actually bloody. One of them has almost no tail feathers. Stupid question, but do tail and back feathers grow back?? What do I treat the wounds with?
I would remove them if you can and keep them where they can see each other but not pick on each other until the feathers grow back. Bluekote I believe you can put on them to help darken the pecked spots and help them heal. If chickens see skin or red they tend to go after that area, so the bluekote helps turn the skin a darker spot so less picking. I also use neosporin w/o pain killer in it if I am keeping them by themselves.
Bluekote is really good for "hiding" those picked on areas, so as not to draw even more attention to the site! Best of luck to you. I'm sure in time, they will eventually work out their pecking order.

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