Bad poultry day - Gimpy turkey :(


8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
hey there,
looking for a little turkey advice...
so in addition to finding one of my beautiful healthy geese dead for no reason I can identify, I've got a gimpy turkey.

this is my chocolate hen, she's got one foot with curled toes (two toes look like they're turned 90 degrees) and occasionally limps on that one if she lands hard when flying off the roost in the morning. tonight, she's limping on the other foot. she's picking at the bottom, the web inside the outer toe, the nails on the outer and middle toe, and a bit at the ankle, and sometimes she's standing holding it up in the air. I herded her up and took a look, and I can't find any evidence of what's wrong. no inflamation, no redness, no cuts, no cracked calluses, no sorness when I poke around. the foot and leg look completely normal.
the leg *might* be just a tiny bit warmer than the other, but I'm not even sure of that.

the limp is noticable, but she's still using the foot, so my thought isleave it alone and see how it is in the morning. if she's worse, I'll probably cage her, and maybe wrap the foot so she can't bite on it. maybe whatever it is will resolve, or show itself more clearly.

any thoughts on what else I might be doing here? or some turkey-wisdom I haven't had time to acquire yet?

thanks for your help.

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