Bad raccoon attack


In the Brooder
Nov 12, 2021
Oh my gosh! I am so sorry this happened! Poor thing. keep giving her electrolytes and make sure she eats/drinks ( though drinking is more important ) it looks very bad, try wrapping a bit of gauze strips around the leg after washing the wound out with some warm water. I dont usually deal with hurt chickens, so im not sure if i can give amazing advice. clean out her cuts two - three times daily to prevent infection, and maybe try rinsing them out with iodine?
Oh Gee whiz! Sorry you have to go through this. My flock was attacked by a husky that jumped our 8 foot wall! My hens were far worse and they recovered. Yes! Keep the wounds clean. The cells will regenerate from the outside in. If you can put gauze around the wounds, but still change them regularly and keep them clean, do so. Get some big protein, like superworms into her, and the usual good stuff like garlic. If she is able and you want her to run around, you can use allushield to coat the wounds. It will keep the flies out and protect the healing tissue. I believe she will heal, it will take time. Best of luck to you!

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