Bad Smelling Swollen Eyes

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  1. hoog

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    1-year-old Barred Plymouth Rock Laying Hen

    Today I noticed her eye was swollen shut on one side and she had clear bubbles on the other eye. Also her head had a horrible smell.

    She was eating fine when I noticed.

    I segregated her and didn't see those symptoms on any other hens.

    What is this and what can I do to heal her?
    Is it contagous?
    Should I just cull her (if I cull her is she safe to eat)?
  2. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude

    Most likely infectious Coryza, from the smell you described. My advice is always to put the bird down for anything respiratory. If she recovers, she will remain a carrier, able to infect others in the flock, even if her symptoms go away.

    I probably wouldn't eat any diseased bird, though I really don't know if it's necessarily dangerous.
  3. hoog

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    Thanks for the advice. I kind of knew you were right about putting her down even before I asked.

    Too bad she was my biggest and prettiest Plymouth Rock hen, she'll be missed. I hope none of the others get sick.
  4. speckledhen

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    I hope no others get sick, either. I love my Rocks, too. Great breed. Always remove an ill bird from the flock immediately. Some others may have strong immune systems and not become ill, but the longer a sick bird stays with the others, the more likely they are to contract what she has. Good luck to you.

    Not all diseases are carrier diseases, but Coryza and Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD/Mycoplasmosis) are.

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