Bad storms, MY CHICKEN COOP FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! Happy Ending!!!

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    The winds started last night, around 10pm, and they've been steadily building. They kept me up most of the night they were so bad!!! I got up this morning, went to check on my chickens, and my back coop was UPSIDE DOWN!!!! I have absolutely NO WAY to turn it back over without help! Is anyone in Indiana close enough that they could help me flip it once the winds die down?! It's insane! My chickens managed to escape and run under the neighbor's tree. My rooster looks absolutely terrified, and my one hen has lost her tail. I couldn't see my other hens, they're hiding. We left them under the pine tree for now, it's safer. Without flipping it back, there's nowhere to house them! This is crazy!!!! My fencing was damaged because the coop slammed into it before it flipped. It's a moveable fence, but still, it's expensive. That's the least of my concerns though. This is THE WORST storm I think I've ever seen!!! Winds died down for a little while, but they're picking up again. If I can't get the coop moved soon, it's going to cross the street into my mean neighbor's yard, and she will expect me to move it immediately. I'm disabled, I can't move it. These winds have to easily be going 60 miles an hour. My other coop, where my Bantams are housed, the winds went in the one window, circled around, and actually blew both the front doors wide open! We got those closed though and all of those chickens are ok. We made sure both windows are open at least a little so that the air circulates better. Too much stress, I can't take this! If the better majority of my neighbors weren't elderly (and I mean ELDERLY), I'd ask them for help, but there isn't anyone here in town to really ask. I don't even have a car to try to rig something to flip it that way. I'm freaking out a little. Is there anyone in my area that could help? I'm in WC Indiana, on the IL border... [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Hope someone could help!

    Maybe ask the fire department guys to come out after work to help you upright the coop for some pizza!
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    Wish I were near you! Hope it settles down for you soon! Call a local police station for some help perhaps? They'll know someone.
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    I'd be right there if I was right there. Mother nature has her moods. Sounds like you need a tractor or a pickup and a chain.
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    So sorry. I hope someone is close enough to help. Glad the chickens seem fine.

    We had the wind flip our 12x20 steel goose hut in the Spring. When it flipped it landed on a steel hog panel fencing so it was smashed in the middle and with the continued wind the panels sawed the hut in half. We thankfully didn't lose any geese and insurance covered the wind damage which was extensive for several of our buildings and roofs.

    Hope everything works out.

    Just noticed the people that posted so far are from areas where the wind is a mighty foe quite often.
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    Quote:We had the gusties yesterday- I'm not sure if it's going to hit again today...I'm still missing siding from a dormer upstairs from the stuff. Wind can be pretty powerful- I hope it stops soon!
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    Just a thought - do you have boy scouts nearby? Or a local high school? Teenage boys LOVE doing stuff like that!

    Good luck! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Are you a member of a church or maybe a club? Maybe someone from there could help. I'd be there in a heart beat if I were closer. So sorry ((HUG)).
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    Mar 30, 2010
    Fire department? They save cats from trees why not chicken coops???
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    so sorry!
    Praying you get help!

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