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Feb 8, 2009
Has anyone else found this?
My 24 bird flock of Leghorns and Sussex are going into the moult and the egg numbers are dropping. We are in the middle of the Autumn (fall) and the birds will ususlly stop laying in about 2 weeks until January. For the last couple of seasons I have noticed that the eggs that I am getting at this time of year have a strange and quite unpleasant taste limited to the yolk. Is it just my flock or has anyone else noticed it?
Hi from Oregon
My birds' eggs had a bad flavor after I fed them old shrimp left over from a party
That's probably not your cause, but it could be something that they started eating.
I've had chickens for many years and have never noticed that
Do you supplement with anything different when they're molting? Mine are rapidly tapering off for winter and I'm still treating each egg like it's a treasure, soon I'll be down to nasty store eggs
onions will make the eggs taste bad also leftovers that had garlic in them. I remember when growing up we gave the chickens some strong onions and boy were those eggs strong.
If they are free range, I'd consider what plants might be at different stages of development in your yard. Are they dining on seeds from some plant at about that time of year? Perhaps something from trees in your yard? Scratching different types of food out of the compost pile (things that you eat this time of year, perhaps)?

If they are confined, is it possible that the brand of feed you are using changes its formula in the fall? Dunno if this might be the case. Do you feed the same diet year round? Table scraps? Fruits/Veggies from the garden?

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