badly injured hen


9 Years
Jul 16, 2010
anyone out the who can give me some advice quickly?
i have 2 salmon faverolles hens, and they are such sweet things, but ive just been down to check on everyone and found that one of them has been really badly pecked on the rump by the other, i cant understand why, as they get on so well...... anyway. its really nasty, i can see the bone of the spine and everything. she is in a seperate cage right now, and looks pretty bad, but still walking about. i really dunno what to do? anyone think i should try to save her? or would it be cruel, i mean, is she too badly injured to heal? if anyone has any thoughts, or has had a similar experience, please let me know what you reckon. ive had them recover before, but not this bad (i have had to dispatch ones that have had their whole back ends pecked out in the past) sigh, im angry and upset
I have not had that happen so can't give specific advice. In my thinking, if she is not in horrible pain and is walking around, I would treat and give her the day and then reevaluate. There have been a few times I thought my chickens were beyond saving but gave them a few hours and they amazed me. Hope she makes it.
.she has a very good chance of getting better, wash out the wound with warm water and salt or peroxide and water 1/2 and 1/2 mixture, apply some antibiotic ointment without pain reliever onto the wound and place her in a warm quite cage until the wound completely heals, no scab showing. she MUST be keep separate from the others. if she starts to get lonely, put the cage into the coop so she can see the others, but they can't get to her to peck some more. she should do fine, i had a hen get attacked by a dog, she did fine , just keep the wound clean and infection free, give her some electrolyte solution in her water to give her a boost. good luck
I have no doubt that you should try to save her. Chickens have remarkable healing properties. The wound goes to the bone so I'm not sure what to recommend for cleaning. I've had luck going to CVS and getting a can of sterile water. It's not saline it's sterile water. It gently sprays out of a can in a small stream. You could try that using a small piece of gauze to remove any debris like bits of skin and feathers. If that's not possible (you want to clean her up ASAP) use warm water from the tap. Clean her up and pat dry. Smooth on a layer of neosporin. I would not cover it unless the wound is oozing and then I would non stick absorbent pads on the side of the wound, not covering it, to absorb any oozing. You don't want that to get in her feathers.

Leave the wound alone until tomorrow and then clean the wound daily using provodone iodine (get at CVS also) and a small piece of gauze. You must dilute the iodine. Pour approx 30 drops bit of iodine into a small container and add warm water until it looks like weak tea. Gently dab at the wound and let it dry on its own this time. If the iodine seems to be stinging her go back to water for 1 day.

If you are going to CVS pick up some liquid baby vitamins without iron. I'm not sure how big your chicken is so to be on the safe side give her 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops at night. Put the drops on top of her beak so they run down into her mouth and she swallows them and you don't have to worry about them getting into her lungs. Right now she does not need antibiotics. Please don't start any. Like I said. Chickens heal dramatically.

You say you "just went down to check'. Are they living in a basement? It sounds like they or other chickens you've had have done this before. If I'm correct you should try to find the reason they are doing this. Cannibalism can be caused by boredom, not enough protein in their diet, confined conditions, overcrowding, too much light, too much heat, not enough fresh air and I personally believe lack of sunshine.

Fix your little girl up and then tackle the problem of the pecking. We can fix that too.
Hugs and kisses to her!

CVS or other store

Sterile water
Provodone iodine
liquid baby vitamins without iron
non stick gauze if you need it
neosporine without the pain killer ingredient

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