Badly injured peafowl chick

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    Apr 7, 2008
    I’ve been getting info from this forum for years & finally decided I needed to join. I hate that the first post I do is for an injury. It’s not quite chicken related, but here it goes…. I decided to add a little flair to my flock & purchased peafowl eggs for my silkies to hatch out. They hatched on wed & thursday I pulled them out of the nest to make sure they got a drink. Momma hen followed & everything seemed fine so I left them alone. When I checked on them an hour later the other hens were attacking them, I guess because they were different. Two of the chicks were just a little roughed up, but the 3rd was badly injured. They skinned him from the front of his back leg to under his breast. You can actually see part of the breast meat. They picked at & came close to rupturing his abdomen & he about lost an eye. I cleaned him up & put antibacterial cream on his wounds & wrapped gauze around him. I did not think he would live through the night. It’s Sunday & he is a little slow moving but he seems to be recovering – his eye & his abdomen look much better. I’m still concerned he might have internal injuries but I think that would have killed him by now. I have never had any chick injured this bad - much less one that survived them. Here are my questions. Will the injured part heal over with no skin? What about the exposed breast meat? Is antibacterial cream the best stuff I can use for him? I’ve been keeping the skinned part covered with gauze but should it be allowed to dry out? By the way they are all 3 house pets for now!
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    Wow. I have seen some pretty bad injuries heal up VERY WELL. One of my silkes got her back ripped open by an aggressive hen, and you could see her muscle, and fat and all that gruesome stuff. I applied tripple antibiotic cream daily and flushed it with sterile saline daily for about 2 weeks. Shes FINE![​IMG]
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    He's lucky to be alive! Sounds like you are doing the right things for him. As he heals the skin should pull together so he should feather okay. A neighbor asked me to treat a hen of hers that a hawk attacked. Her entire saddle was gone to the bone. I almost put had down. I used blood stop powder and a horse product for wounds that is working great for me called Bannex (spelling). You can't tell anything ever happened to her now except a slight limp. Good luck.
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    In this case you will NOT want to be using that blood stop powder. You will need to flush out the wounds daily with sterile saline solution and reapply that triple antibiotic cram (it needs to stay moist also) until you can get this product:GRANULEX V :

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