Badly splayed leg


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
It isn't splayed leg but a genetic fault I think ,as I treated with band aid with no joy. He/She is now four weeks old and having difficulty moving although eating and drinking well. I do not want to cull it but might have to be done eventually . Anyone else kept the chicken with these special needs. :|


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Sep 14, 2008
MA/NH border
Hi, I just noticed your message. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to help, except to say that I had a Rhode Island Red Rooster for two years who suffered from what I can only describe as splayed hips. I noticed it when he was just days old, but we continued to care for him. He was actually quite a sweet bird and one of our Buff Orpingtons took to caring for him. He was fortunate that we had no other roosters to pick on him. One of the hens began pecking at his neck at some point, so the Buff began sleeping on his head at night! Such a crazy thing to see. He ate and drank well, but his bottom would become covering in droppings at times. I occasionally cleaned it by trimming the feathers, but there was little to do to keep it from happening. He slept on the floor off the coop with the Buff and he managed to get around as best he could. We just let him be. He lived for two years and we recently found him dead in the outdoor area of the coop. He hadn't shown signs of illness so we're not sure what took him, but he had a nice life for such a crippled rooster. He was an odd site to see hobbling around, but he found ways to manage to get himself up and down the coop ramp and to and from the food.

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12 Years
I had a bantam mille fleur like this. We took her on vacation, she lived inside, we loved her. She was so sweet. We did bandaids and all kinds of splints. It never helped. She was clearly unhappy and probably uncomfortable. We culled her at age 3 months.

I am so sorry. Perhaps he can learn to get around on one leg. She never was able to.


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