Bag Balm for lice?

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    Hi there :3 So Miracle had lice, and I put bag balm on the most affected areas and now they're gone in those areas (head and beard. Was picking a few dead ones off, rest just fell off. o-O) Did she fight them off herself or something? Or does Bag Balm work? I did find a live one on her back which I dipped in bag balm and it died a few seconds later. Is there something in bag balm that would kill lice on chickens?
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    Probably smothered I am guessing???

    I have used bag balm for scaly leg mites to smother them. I haven't dealt with lice. I'd dust her too with some poultry dust and repeat in 7 days.

    I'd treat the coop too and repeat in 7 days, throwing out bedding.
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