Baggy crop, feathers missing around neck, anti-social..

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    Sep 28, 2008
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    Hello all,
    10 month old cross-breed has very large baggy crop (impacted i suspect) little appetite. Has lost all feathers around her neck - does not look like moult. I've looked for lice and can't see any. Her skin is okay. Generally anti-social, last to eat, doesn't dust bath, and really scared of me. Her comb is up and red, tail up. Some weight loss.
    I wondered if the feather loss is related to the crop issues at all?
    I haven't treated her yet - will try olive oil or bicarb etc shortly. Should I isolate her?
    She's in a flock of 6 hens, all the others are normal, healthy and behaving like chickens.
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    She may respond favorably to any of the following- diced tomato, apple cider vinegar in water, tiny bits of any acidic food. Sometimes they need a pH change in the crop to partly dissolve grit/ground oyster and to get things moving...

    I'd isolate her both to make treatment easier and in case something contagious is going on, though I suspect as you do, that it's a crop issue...
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